a pitch generator for startups

Live version

@alexmleo and I came up with the idea for a parodic company generator, but we soon discovered that it's an old joke, going back at least to the Silicon Valley Napkin of the 1980's.

The good

Simplicity. One page, one feature, one message.

The bad

The two buttons should have been one button, probably "I need to see more traction."

Alternatively, in the grand tradition of single-serving sites, all buttons could have been eliminated in favor of a hyperlink on the text.

The red/green color scheme of the buttons may be indistinguishable to users with color vision deficiency.

Lessons learned

Sometimes a dumb thing you crank out in two afternoons will be seen by more people than all of your other projects combined.

Traffic from bloggers writing about you is fleeting, but traffic from people re-discovering and re-Tweeting you is forever.

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